When it comes to marketing consulting, it's about what you need to reach your goal. Our expertise means we can help you look at the big picture with a fully developed, all-inclusive marketing plan. It also means we know when it's best to give laser focus to that one special promotional product for your annual giveaway. From rebranding your business to drawing in that targeted client our toolbox is full of things to help you grow your business and expand your presence.


  • 25+ years of experience with large corporate accounts, local small businesses, start-ups and independent contractors.
  • A unique hands-on approach to customize your plan and a host of resources to nail down the clear path to reach clients who have the most potential for lasting value and long term relationships.
  • A one stop shop for printing, apparel, consulting and design.  No need to shop with multiple vendors.
  • The ability to talk about and work through your order, with you in complete control of the outcome.  With our help, your vision comes to life.
  • Customized marketing solutions.  Nothing is out of the box at Visual Print Solutions

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