In-Person & Virtual Event Planning

 Why should you choose Visual Print Solutions and let Beth Vosmeier plan your next in-person or virtual event? 


Beth doesn’t just think outside box; she breaks the box by developing incredibly creative solutions. “It might be a pen,” Beth says, “but it’s a pen inside of a box that transforms into a scavenger hunt map that attendees will use throughout the event.” 


Beth can work with any budget to create an extraordinary event. She finds the most cost-effective products and solutions without compromising quality.


It won’t be long before you feel like Beth is a member of your team … and always has been. She strives to truly understand your brand, your attendees’ needs, and your ultimate goal. And not just you and your team—Beth has built strong relationships with vendors, designers, and industry professionals over the past 25 years. This team of experts work tirelessly with Beth to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for your event. 

Are you ready to host an event that participants will never forget? You will receive a creative, budget conscious partnership that understands your brand and budget and will connect with your team and vision in order to create an unforgettable one-of- a- kind event.

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Are you ready to host an event that participants will never forget? Start with a 90-minute consultation with Beth. All ideas that come from the meeting are yours to keep. That's why Beth charges a $150 consultation fee. If you choose to move forward with Visual Print Solutions to plan your event, the fee will be applied toward your first invoice.

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